Thomas Kirk

of Licking County, Ohio

A Genealogical Survey


A new family history biography

By Michael Dyer Kirk

About the book:

Arriving shortly after statehood, Thomas Kirk and his wife Sarah Bonar were early settlers of Licking County, Ohio. Beginning at the dawn of American history, this survey follows Thomas' life across nearly seventy years until he was accidentally killed.

Born in 1778 in the British Colony of Virginia during the reign of King George III, Thomas' early childhood unfolded amid the upheaval of the American Revolution. Through adulthood, his life spanned the administrations of eleven presidents from George Washington to James K. Polk. Thomas lived through pivotal moments, witnessing the transformation of the United States from thirteen fledgling colonies dissolving political bonds, the War of 1812 and the burning of the capital, and the expansion westward into the American wilderness. A lifelong farmer, he and Sarah raised eleven children to adulthood, coped with loss, and suffered hardship endemic to pioneer life. They forged a living out of the unforgiving backwoods and created an indelible legacy that endures.

Through an exploration of surviving records, family lore, and DNA, this book chronicles his life, sheds light on his ancestral origins, and preserves his story for generations to come.